Monday, 18 April 2011

The Beginning

Well, before we get into the meat of this blog and what it is for, a bit of background.
Many years ago, twenty to be exact, a boy discovered BattleTech and fell in love. Fast forward two decades to today and the boy is now a man, with a passion every bit as strong for the game. Only now things have changed and the man has discovered a way to make all the models of the 'Mechs he designed when he was younger as well as a whole bunch of new ones without resorting to kit bashing them. 
So that brings us to now and here we are. A thirty-something BattleTech fan with a passable knowledge of 3DS Max and a website called Shapeways, a place that could make his miniature dreams come true.
This is what this blog is all about, the models I've made on Shapeways that other people may be interested in. Many of these models are original designs, while others are based on other people's work.
Over the past few weeks I have been working with Steven Satak over on his project and a few designs are taken from that. I'm sure more will be along soon as well. 
Many of the models I've made are multi-part allowing folks the chance to pose the miniatures in various ways, I'm one of those rare breed that like a model to look dynamic so I pander to that passion in the models I make. This of course means there is a need for instructions for them. I've lost count of the number of times I've purchased a BattleTech miniature and thought where does this bit go exactly? Even after a close study of the art work from the TRO I find that I still have no idea.
Eventually instructions for all the models I have made will be available here along with updates on current projects, but to get things started, here are two of my favourites.
First up the OW-3X, one of my designs. This is a fast 35 ton design. Lightly armed but packed to bursting with equipment making it a deadly spotter unit for artillery and heavy fire support.


OW-3X Assembly Instructions

My second offering for today was born from an idea from a very good friend of mine as a 'Mech for his mercenary unit commander, the Jiushizhu. A prototype design stolen from the Capellan Confederation per the back story for the 'Mech and this prototype would eventually serve as a template for the mercenary manufactured model known as the RDM-3R Redeemer. This is a 60 ton 'Mech with a very high speed for its weight, but it isn't lacking in punch either.


RDM-3R Assembly Instructions
More to follow soon.

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Cracking stuff Dor.

Lost touch with you after I left GW old boy so would be lovley to catch up with you again.

Hope you're well, my emails the same as it's ever been so drop me a line and if you're still relatively local I'll have to have you over for a game!

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