Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Three more from the archives

Still working away to make all these instructions available and some are a little harder than others, more on those in a later post. For now another three are done and can be found here.

The first is an original design of mine for my SSUK group, more specifically my own ComStar/Mercenary unit, the PNZ-3R Panzer. This model contains the parts for the two other variants of the Panzer, the PNZ-3L and the PNZ-3S. The Panzer is a 45 ton quick strike or harasser ‘Mech, built for speed without sacrificing firepower. A pair of these working together can cause some serious damage against even the most dangerous of foes. I'm looking at you Manei Domini Celestial series BattleMechs.

PNZ-3R Panzer

PNZ-3R/3L/3S Assembly Instructions

Next up a pair ‘Mechs based on designs by MekTek from the MechWarrior IV Mercenaries Mekpak expansions.

The first of these is the ASN-56 Assassin II. I absolutely love the look of this 'Mech. It is so unlike the original Assassin from TRO: 3039 and its 5 tons heavier too. So we have another 45 ton design with loads of missiles and few lasers to back them up, but this guy is still tough enough to do some real hurt to heavier BattleMechs.
ASN-56 Assassin II

ASN-56 Assembly Instructions

My third offering for today is actually the only Clan 'Mech I've made to date. Again this is one I love the look of. I mean seriously, what's not to love about it. Have you seen that cannon in the "mouth" of it? This design was developed by Clan Star Adder, so it is appropriately coloured and detailed in the render.

The Wildcat is a 75 ton OmniMech, which I can confirm from painful experience is more than capable of making a real mess of that old Clan staple the Mad Cat as well as a few heavier Clan designs, and you do not what to know what it is capable of doing to an Inner Sphere Assault 'Mech.

Wildcat PRIME
Wildcat Assembly Instructions

There is still two MekTek designs I've made and one of them it is without a doubt one of my favourite BattleMechs of all time. It is just a shame it just so happens to be a Word of Blake 'Mech. Anyone that has the MekPaks will know which 'Mech I'm on about. For those that don't, I am referring to the BKH-7T Black Heart. That will be on the next post here along with a couple of others.

I may even show off a couple of work in progress shots of something I'm working on as well.


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