Monday, 25 April 2011

A few lessons in 3DS Max

A piece of art caught my eye recently and I decided I’ve have a stab at making it in Max, the somewhat complicated (at least to me anyway) shape of the torso and the way all the parts meshed together was the major jumping off point here. Legs and feet are relatively simple. I’ve done loads of different styles. But that particular area of construction is becoming (relatively) easy and as boring as hell admittedly. I’ll spend hours doing them and even after 6+ hours on a new model it still looks nothing like the design I’ve envisioned or the artwork, but it is when I start on the torso, that’s when it all starts to look like several dozen tons of walking death. That’s the fun part, but also so much harder.
The bottom line is this, I’m no expert in 3DS Max, poor to mediocre at best in my opinion. But practice makes perfect as they say, so that’s what you do. You read forums and tutorials, you practice as much as you can and eventually something sinks in and you find out new tricks and new ways of doing something you’ve not considered before.
So this is what I did, I decided what the hell, let’s see if I can pull it off. And to all intents and purposes it appears that I have. I’d never intended to sell it as a model but after talking with the designer I’ve been given a green light to do so. He’s happy with the model and that means it’s now on the store and available for sale.

The Bifrost

Bifrost at the Mechanized Designworks store

Once the instructions are done I’ll update the blog with them.
In other news I’m still trying to compile the models into instructions and here are a couple more, Two from Steve Satak’s Technical Readout 3063 project and as I mentioned in the last post one of my favourite BattleMechs ever. The Word of Blake’s BKH-7T Black Heart.
First the two from TRO: 3063.
My first TRO: 3063 model is the JR7-X from the Mercenary section of the book. I love this little ‘Mech. I’ve got a few of my own that see heavy use when I go up against a certain persons Celestial BattleMechs. It’s fast and deadly, particularly if used in pairs, must be all the MRMs.


JR7-X Assembly Instructions
The second one is the first tank I've done for Steve, the Churchill mk. XX. This one I’m quite proud of. I read the background for it and noted the different versions of it that were listed and struck upon the idea of offering the parts to make them with the actual model, after all how many times have you spent hours kit bashing a specific refit for one of your ‘Mechs because you prefer it to the stock version? Uller A anyone (or Kit Fox alt. A, if you’re a Vat Brat)?
So I decided why not add the parts with the model so if you want the one with the Gauss Rifle you can do it without spending all that time trying to make it. Sure it makes the model a little bit more expensive but it’s not a great increase in the price. It’s also a trend I plan to continue with, or at the very least offer modification packs separately.
The JR7-X is a good example here. If you wanted the one with the trio of Streak SRM4s, well that’s fine go to the Upgrade Packs section of the store and you’ll find them there.
But I digress, back to the Churchill. This is cool because you don't just get one but TWO tanks in a pack and two sets of upgrade parts. That's twice the bang for your buck there folks.

A pair of Churchill mk. XX

Churchill mk. XX at the Mechanized Designworks store

Churchill mk. XX Assembly Instructions

My final offering for today is as I’ve said the BKH-7T Black Heart. I truly love the design of this 'Mech. It’s a MekTek one so hats off to them for it. But why make it a Word of Blake model? I’ll just have to salvage a few and use them that way! I just wish it had Rotary Autocannons rather than the Light Gauss Rifles. Oh wait it does. Check the Upgrade Parts section for that pack.

BKH-7T Black Heart
BKH-7T Assembly Instructions

I did say in my last post I may post something I'm working on well here it is.  
The Alt. X version of a new Assault 'Mech. More info on this baby, the other 4 variants and its two smaller brethren at a later date. But for now all I can say is your eyes do not deceive you, it is ComStar and not a new Word of Blake Celestial series BattleMech, but it designed to make turn them into scrap metal.

Well that is all for now. More to come soon.

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