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Technical Readout 3063 - The Werefox

It's taken a while for these to come around. But at last they're here.

A few months back I started working on a piece of Steve Satak's TRO:3063 project. A Series of 6 AFFS armour units, uniformly known as the Werefox series.

These are designs of Steve's, so it’s not my place to give you a rundown of their capabilities like I would normally do, but I can and will tell you my feelings on them. Frankly with the exception of the AAV-I, I like all of them. Now don't ask me why I don't like the AAV-I, I can't describe why it is. All I can say is there's something about the way it looks that I don't like, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. Of the six the two I like the most are the D'Artagnan and the Petain.

The D'Artagnan looks great and to me takes a lot of visual cues from a number of IAVs such as the M2 Bradley, the FV-510 Warrior and the CV90 and the LAV III but with elements of a standard APC thrown in as well. Plus there are those side egress points between the quad tracks.

The Petain on the other hand makes me think of a MBT such as the FV4034 Challenger II or the M1 Abrams, not because of the way it looks in so much as the scale of the turret to the hull. Also I happen to think the split SRM6 on the turret looks cool, with three tubes on either side. Something you're going to be seeing more of in the future and already emulated on the Mastodon. So here's a little tip of my hat to Steve and Stephen Huda for that one.

The others are great looking, though Steve and I have a difference of opinion on the size of the Charlemagne's ERLLs, but that's something I won't engage in here.

Anyway all six version of the Werefox are available now and come in packs of two for an average price of $16.00 and can be found in the Ground Units section of the store.
Werefox AAV-I
Werefox AAV-I Product Page

Werefox AAV-II
Werefox AAV-II Product Page

Werefox Charlemagne
Werefox Charlemagne Product Page

Werefox D'Artagnan
Werefox D'Artagnan Product Page

Werefox Martel
Werefox Martel Product Page

Werefox Petain
Werefox Petain Product Page
I also decided it would be nice to throw together a nice recognition chart for the Werefox series so folks could quickly identify each version. I opted to emulate the style used by various authorities with a black silhouette of each version and further enhanced it as if it was issued to LAAF officers.

Now you're probably wondering where the instructions for these models are, well rather than having loads of different pictures of them here I've decided a single PDF format file would serve the Werefox series better. This can be found below.


I was sat reading through some pages on earlier in the week trying to formulate a strategy for an upcoming game when I spotted a part on Hyperpulse Technology, further digging into this somewhat unrelated area of what I was working on led me to a further discovery. I know full well space vessels can mount HPG transmitters and there are several different classes of planetary HPGs. But somehow I'd always missed the fact there is a mobile HPG. A 12 ton piece of equipment that is carried by a mobile ground platform or even a BattleMech!

This got me thinking. ComStar have them, so do the WoB. They'd make a great mission objective and as I have often remarked in the past there is a distinct lack of non-combat vehicles available from IWM or Ral Partha. Something I've always been unhappy about which has lead to me scouring many a online store or even my local games store looking for vehicles that offer any kind of civilian or unarmed vehicle I can use. By far and away the best I've found is Brigade Models, Check out their 6mm range if you haven't visited them before. Their Springbok Jeep, Hippo and Buffel are great and remarkably cheap as well. If that wasn't enough they stock Xmarx scenic items as well.

Anyway getting side tracked here so back to what I was saying about a Mobile HPG. I decided since no-one at IWM/RP have made one and even CGL have seemingly missed the opportunity to design one I'd have a stab at it.

Presently the design weighs some 30 tons and is tracked, though I may change this to wheeled. Staying true to info presented in the rule books I've limited its design to technology that was available in 2751. It's moderatly fast moving at a respectable 5/8 hexs thanks to is XL engine and has minimal weapons, primarily defensive, consisting of a pair of Small Lasers and a pair of AMSs. It is also quite heavily armoured (for its weight) with 5 tons of Ferro armour. The remaining tonnage is of course taken up with the HPG and a mandatory CASE system for the volatile AMS ammo.

Anyway what you want is WiP shots of the model not rules, so here it is. As you can see the actual HPG dish is designed to be positioned in a number of different ways. While it is still early days on the actual design I'm sure you'll agree it looks pretty good so far.

ComStar/Word of Blake Mobile HPG

More to come soon.

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