Tuesday, 23 August 2011


or.. New versions of old toys

Okay three more new models for you to make use of in your games. One is from Steve Satak's TRO 3063 and two of mine, with a credit to the sterling work done by the MechTek team.

All three of these are redesigns of existing units, while they take the visual cues of the original each is a completely new version with new load outs and capabilities. See how many of them you can identify. 

First up is the TRO 3063 one. This is the AGS-3H, a lovely AFFS 60 ton unit with a pair of LRM 15s with Artemis FCS and a smattering of lasers.

My second offering is the MechTek inspired piece. The BZK-8X. This is a 45 ton unit. Like its original counterpart, which is actually a redesign in itself, it is built around a Gauss Rifle, but packs more punch than either version thanks to its 4 Extended Range Medium Lasers and a ER Small Laser, and if that wasn't enough, thanks to its Light Fusion Engine, it's better armoured but just as fast as its 45 ton predecessor. What more do you need in a walking gun turret?


More to come soon
My third offering for today is a piece a certain lady asked me to do. She knows who she is. The HBK-7X. Again a major redesign of an existing unit which has made it a brutal mid range combatant.

This design has a Rotary AC/5 two Medium Pulse Lasers, 2 ER Small Lasers and a Streak SRM 4, (or in our AU, the (i)DEMP 4 system). It's as nimble as the original and jump capable. 

But the redesign madness does not stop there. I'm currently working on a new piece for Steve, and here it is the CPLT-C7. We're nearly done with it, I'm waiting for his final cuts on the design and it should be ready for deployment by the time I get round to the next update.

Now in my last post I showed a work in progress shot of a Ground Mobile HPG unit. Well it is now finished. This is one big machine. In fact this is bigger than a Demolisher II. Since i first showed this off i've made a few changes as a result of further reserch into the subject, it now weights a respecatble 50 tons. I'm still waiting for the actual model to arrive so I can make sure it's all come together correctly before making it publicly available. But until then, here it is. This has been rendered, at the request of a friend, in the colours of the Word of Blake 41st Shadow Division. 

Coming soon another ComStar special and surprisingly, a Word of Blake special too. Why is someone who makes no qualms about his hatred for The Master and all his Toaster Huggers dedicating an entire blog post to them? Well, that's a surprise. But let's just say, there will be four (or maybe even more) new units in it and if that’s piqued your interest here is a sample of just one of those units that will be in the Word of Blake special. The Firewalker.

More to come soon.

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