Monday, 29 August 2011


To continue from my last post of new versions of some golden oldies. I’ve managed to clear two more redesigned units through the long list of models sat on both my 3DS Max BattleTech directory and Shapeways.
The first of these was shown in the last post. The CPLT-7H, and its sister unit the CPLT-8H. These’s are of course designs from Steve’s Technical Readout 3063 project and after the AGS-3H was probably the biggest challenge to my skills to date.  

However if the Large Laser on the right arm isn't your cup of tea, You may like the 8H version. This puppy would be my choice for use if not for a special version, see below for that one. Like the original design it's a true missile boat with no less than 8 LRM5s and enough medium lasers to ruin anyone's day real quick.

The CPLT-7H is a 17 part kit, while the CPLT-8H adds three more parts and replaces 2 giving it 20 in total. The model has possibly the most posable legs I've yet done. Not only can you have it standing, walking or flat out running you can pose this model jumping, though that would be foolish as the design does not feature Jump Jets (despite a long discussion between Steve and myself regarding this very fact). However, Steve was kind enough to design a special version of 8H, the 8H2 just for me after all my complaints of it lacking the "pounce" of the original unit.

The CPLT-7H is required to build the CPLT-8H or the CPLT-8H2 and both the model and the upgrade pack can be found on Shapeways now. 

My second new redesign for today came about from a friend who has never been a fan of the original's box on legs look.  I took it further and created a new version of the design So for your approval, I give you the FLE-35.
This is a radical upgrade of a classic Dragoon unit, not just in looks but in design. All its key systems have been improved, the standard fusion engine is upgrade to the XL version making it nearly twice as fast as the original, the addition of Ferro-Fibrous armour increases it’s survivability and its Medium and Small lasers are upgraded to Extended Range version.
I don’t take any credit for the actual visual design of this model, many of you should recognise it. 

The FLE-35 is pretty small, just 3cm tall. What did you expect it's a 20 ton unit? But as I'm the kind of person who likes to make his units look dynamic I've designed it in such a way to allow people to decide how to pose this little scout 'Mech. It comes with two pre-built feet and an unbuilt multi-part foot allowing you to have the design standing on both feet or in mid step.
Building a better battleground
Within my group we prefer to use miniature rules rather than hexmaps or hex boards, not only does it look better it gives us a chance to create really cool stuff to use on the table. I've got a several structures sitting around in my 3DS Max folder based on structures for the MechWarrior/MechCommander games as they look really good. This first of these I'm making available is the Calliope Turret from MechWarrior IV.
The Calliope, as anyone who has played MechWarrior IV will know is a major pain in the rear, due to its insane weapon load-out and armour. So why not pass the pain you endured in the computer game to your enemies on the table top? Go on, you know you want to.

The final bit
As you will have no doubt seen I’ve started using a new style for the images here, this came about after a few comments from friends asking to see the models from different angles, specifically the rear. I hope you like the new look.
More to come soon, Thanks for reading.  

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